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The Grading Suites

Our luxurious studio provides the optimal space in which to stimulate the imagination and focus on the task at hand, while maintaining a total sense of ease and comfort.

The A Suite

Our A-Suite is meticulously calibrated for color and houses a stunning 77” OLED screen, engineered to ensure the highest quality in color accuracy and real time 4K playback.

The B Suite

Our B Suite is a streamlined workspace that perfectly accommodates both smaller client sessions and unattended projects. Equipped with full 4K HDR capabilities that vibrantly display the full range of color space across broadcast, digital, and cinema.

A Full-Service Experience

Our spacious, client-focused lounge is invitingly arranged and stocked with amenities to keep you motivated and comfortable. Whether you need a quiet area for working, making a call, or simply taking a breather, we’ve curated a welcoming space for you.

Our Home

The historic Faber Pencil Factory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is an established vibrant hub for innovation and creative culture. The building houses a network of production and post-production studios as well as individual editors and VFX artists. Tucked conveniently along the East River, we are in close proximity to some of New York’s finest bars, restaurants, boutiques, and waterfront views. The NYC Ferry, located just a few blocks away, makes for an easy, pleasant commute to/from Manhattan.

Remote Color Sessions

We offer remote color grading with real-time review on your iPad or iPhone. Contact us for more information.