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Honest Labor is a full-service boutique color grading facility located in Brooklyn, NY. Our suites and comfortable lounge provide a hospitable creative environment in which to finish your project quickly and confidently.


At Honest Labor, flexibility and accommodation are paramount. You’ve completed the brunt of production, and we’re here to support you in the refinement of your work in its home stretch. Whether you’re coming to us with a set plan or consulting us for advisement along the way, rest assured that once you’re with us, you’re taken care of.


Understanding color is key to unlocking its full potential. Combining tirelessly calibrated equipment and unparalleled technology with our time-tested knowledge of the coloring process, our team is expertly prepared to handle your unique needs.


Color is that final, finishing touch. Color can elevate or even transform a world, and imbue your images with lasting and impactful feeling. With our foundation of proficiency and ingenuity, we’re prepared to help you channel your vision and make your project truly one for the books.